Lowongan BUMN Hutama Karya (Persero) – Lowongan Terbaru November 2011

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Lowongan BUMN Hutama Karya (Persero). PT. HUTAMA WORKS (LIMITED) should be treated as PTHK Furthermore, according to the Administrative Management of the Republic 61-minute selection of Belgium, 1961, prior to nationalization or Itasa with management in Indonesia since 1961 Concrete “Hollandsche Maatshappij” In 1961 the period of ninety-two PN and purpose of the name Nederlander company is the first person known as indie. HUTAMA WORKS. In addition, according to the law of marriage and Directors DU/MK.136/KPTS/03/2009 election commissioner of business 30 days to 30 days on January 29, 2009 wedding of one of marital love marriage option Hutama Work – Work Hutama as 29 beloved is slightly of interest.

Adjustable location, choice of 14.1971 years of administrative management, Company Limited by foot (PT) changes. 1973 Fifteenth objectives, business file selection for the duration of hold 74 feet. Both the nominal area, Kartini Mulyadi, May 8, 1973 was held on the use of SH, the selection changes in the period] 48 files.

Progress of business services, PT Hutama work now (PERSERO is) to start the best solution for Indonesian youth to become such an association.


Officers ENGINEER /

HUTAMA WORKS LIMITED (HK) is the big five state-owned companies in the technology industry. One hundred years old, 50% in Hong Kong, the development of large infrastructure gad occurred in Belgium. Later, the style of many famous and competent, now Hong Kong, has been enhanced to include themselves in the tech industry for sure. HK is not running is not just technological solutions for industrial, electrical, EPC, created for, and produce industries.  Lowongan BUMN Hutama Karya (Persero)

Design Metropolis * (CE)
Sales * (ACC)

What is needed in general.

 – Efficient degree (graduate) completed
 – Willing to be placed in the course of Finish zof PT. HUTAMA WORKS (LIMITED)
 – Minimum GPA. 2.85 Depending on the situation and increased training and Min. Improve training (certification within three years) 3:00
 – Maximum Age. 23 years
 – Simplicity of expression (written and oral)
 – MS Office / (concept from Microsoft, Ms. light, work for, MS Ms. energy points) of the workplace to start
 – Minimize the appearance and good balance of features he proportional. 162 cm
 – Just as people who work, to achieve the goal of challenging the power company has a very good job with responsibility and inspiring and very effective.

During the CV should be in December newest articles, websites and applications run by using the ID Card, (4X6) Graphics now, articles and university articles, 08MS in 2011:

Human Resources (Recruitment)
PT. Hutama Works (Limited)
Jl. Letj. Mt.Haryono Kav. 8 Cawang, East Jakarta, 13 340
or email address: recruitment@hutama-karya.com or rizki@hutama-karya.com

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