Lowongan Kerja TRANS TV | Lowongan Kerja Terbaru september 2011

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Lowongan Kerja TRANS TV. Turn the TV and began to Indonesia know that in many cases through the TV is located in South Jakarta, led by Tan Chairul state television station in Indonesia,,,, one of the broadcast year, December 15,2001 is another. News, movies, dramas, variety shows, television stations as well as other contests and other programs to provide.

Dorce such television (hosting Gamalama Dorce) indicates the version of events, such as Indonesian thank God you’re here, and (us, very recently) that cover a wide range of crossing, on the TV and film will see through. Religious programs in unsaturated materials and entertainment gossip shows and movies, news, and other common broadcast.

Our rapid growth, excellence and experience, is one of the TV company aims to become one of the best TV station in Indonesia. TV is a difficult profession offers many opportunities for cross growth and joy. We invite you to participate in the following situations you.

Positions – Education – Discipline

        Account Executive – Min S1 ECONOMIC AND DEVELOPMENT STUDY
        Admin Support – Min S1 ADMINISTRATION
        Audioman – Min S1 ALL MAJOR
        Control Room – Min S1 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
        Editor – Min D3 BROADCAST
        Finance Operation Staff – Min D3 ACCOUNTING
        Front Office & Call Centre – Min SMA ALL MAJOR
        Presenter – Min D3 – S1 BROADCAST
        Reporter – Min D3 ANY MAJOR
        Software Development – Min S1 INFORMATION SYSTEM
        Wardrobe News – Min D3 – S1 ALL MAJOR
        Wardrobe Production – Min D3 – S1 ALL MAJOR

Important Notices

* We are more than one please select the type of information received through telephone or SMS or email your information is always http://karir.transtv.co.id/index.php/application_status
The purpose of intentionally manipulating the system, more appropriate to consider (1)

* create an applicant, subject to termination of employment and after employment before or after
* TV is transmitted via the applicant’s costs of the action plan
If you are interested, please apply to : Lowongan Trans TV not later than October 12, 2011

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